We believe in the power of authentic and intuitive movement to help us reconnect in this technology-dominated world. We use creative physical communication, musicality, and improvisational movement and expression to move with purpose and intention. By physically communicating with a partner, we can significantly enhance our communication skills both on and off the dance floor, leading to enriched relationships, personal growth, and deep joy.


Vashon Dance | TUESDAYS, APRIL 16th- APRIL 30th | 6:00-6:55pm

Our first post-COVID class was specifically created with the single dancer in mind! Learn a combination of popular partner dances while rotating through partners creating a strong foundation for growth, meeting new people, and having a blast.

LEAD & FOLLOW 102 | WEDNESDAYS, APRIL 17th- MAY 1st | 6:00- 6:55pm
Prerequisite- Graduation of Lead & Follow 101

A continuation of Lead & Follow 101 introducing more diverse movements and focusing on deepening communication and individual techniques to create ease of movement in and out of partnership.

LEAD & FOLLOW 101 | TUESDAYS, MAY 7th- MAY 21st | 6:00- 6:55PM 

Learn to communicate with a partner beyond patterns and footwork. Create real connection and gain understanding of partner movement. If you have ever described yourself as having ‘two left feet’, this is the class for you. Use simple movement to communicate with a partner to all styles of music in this 3-week series.

CABARET CHOREO | WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th- MAY 22nd | 6:00- 6:55pm

This 3-week beginner’s series is all about learning new ways to move using simple musicality, solid technique, and empowering choreography.  We will learn a piece of choreography breaking down each component with simple techniques for ease of learning. Improve musicality and movement and have fun!

This class was made specifically with uncoupled dancers in mind. You’ll get the chance to dance with many different partners giving you the chance to grow quickly in a fun, low pressure environment. If you happen to be a couple, you’re also welcome but know this class is all about dancing with everyone!


All levels, bodies, and humans welcome | All group classes $25 | Private Instruction available online and in person 


The first dance is a truly magical moment, serving as both a joyful celebration and a heartfelt declaration of eternal love and commitment. This dance, the first public display of the newlyweds as a married couple, beautifully symbolizes the merging of two lives into one. 

Your first dance should be an experience filled with confidence, joy, and the purest expression of your love. It’s a chance to find each other in the rhythm of your shared dance and represents the beginning of your lives coming together.

The gift of feeling at ease and fully engaged in your first dance is something you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives together.

Reach out and find the perfect pace and dance for you. We look forward to meeting you!